Five Strategies To Find Amazing Deals On Android Apps and Games

Everybody Loves a Deal!

Deals are addicting, and everyone wants one.

Black Friday lines and driving across town to get slightly cheaper gas prices are just a few examples of what we will do to bag a bargain.

Thankfully, to get a deal on Android apps and games does not require the stamina of a professional endurance “line stander” (you know who you are). Android bargains are just a few clicks away if you know where to look.

Today, I will reveal to you the five strategies I use to hunt through the mountains of apps out there to find a sweet steal.

The Old Standbys Honorable Mention

Most of you probably already know about Amazon’s free paid app of the day and maybe even about GetJar’s Gold program – in fact, if you stop by this site much, I know that you know about these sites because I talk about them all the time.

Both of these places are excellent sources of android app deals.

Free is always the best deal.

Most of the time, however, you will not find many of the apps you want for free.

Many publishers are not going to just give their digital work away for nothing, but many are willing to offer limited time discounts — aka, the deals we are in search of.

Finding apps and games on sale can be a real challenge partially because the Android Market is so vast and includes ALOT of crap apps that have to be sifted through.

5 Deal Stalking Methods To Find The Perfect App At The Right Price

Hot Deals

AppBrain App Market IconThe first strategy is to spend a little time over at AppBrain - which is an Android Market browser that allow many more sorting and filter options. In fact, AppBrain was pretty much the real Android Market browser for a long time until Google got their act together.

Some of the available filters at AppBrain will help us find fresh price drops and apps that have received a massive amount of recent activity  — “Hot Today” and “Hot This Week“.

I usually start with the “hot” apps lists, which will usually reveal rather quickly if a publisher is doing a one day promotion that people are thrilled about because there is a sudden massive flurry of activity.

If you do not want to visit the site often, you can follow these categories on Twitter or get category based feeds in your favorite feed reader.

Love The Filters!

Hot FlamesMy second strategy also takes place on the AppBrain website.

Once you choose a category on AppBrain, you can choose a filter called “price reduced” located in the bottom left.

This is one of the best ways to see which apps have suddenly become less expensive.

You will find that there is some junk to wade through — look for the apps that have high download numbers overall.

Knowing the Right Words

The third strategy I use to find apps and games on sale is to go to the Android Market and search for “sale” and maybe throw in to the search box a few other few key phrases like “limited time only”, “promotion”, and “holiday [insert the name of an approaching holiday] deal”.

These searches will bring up two types of apps – 1) Apps that are ABOUT sales and 2) Apps that ARE ON sale. You’ll have to weed through them a bit.

Amazon Always Has a Deal On Something – Even Apps

The fourth strategy is to check the deals page at the Amazon Appstore. It changes weekly – I watch this like a hawk because the deals there are often exclusive to Amazon and do not exist in the Android Market.

I have picked up very expensive apps here like Quick Office, Easy Tether, Touchdown, and others for up to 75% off their usual price.

Let Others Do The Work For You

SlickDealsThe final fifth strategy I use to bring home the app bargains relies on the community driven site “SlickDeals”.

After setting up a free account, you can set up alerts for keywords that relate to a specific deal you are looking for.

For example, I might set up a deal alert with the word “android app” or “Android Market”. If I am looking for a specific app, I set up a deal alert using that app’s name.

If someone posts a deal using any of the keyword deal alerts I’ve set up, I will be sent an email and a message on the SlickDeals site itself.

You have the choice of whether or not to have these alerts only emailed to you or only sent to you as a message on the SlickDeals website — or you can choose to have both done to cover all of your bases.

You can have an e-mail instantly sent to you any time someone posts a deal regarding the word that you set as your alert key. I have found this very effective especially when hunting for inexpensive games.

The Sum of It All!

To find stellar bargains on Android apps and games, try using these five strategies:

  1. Check AppBrain’s Hot Deals categories .
  2. Use the “Price Reduced” filter at AppBrain.
  3. Use the Android Market search box to find publishers offering sales and limited time deals.
  4. Stalk the Amazon Deals page religiously.
  5. Join the SlickDeals community and set up some instant deal alerts.

That’s the skinny ya’ll, but do not forget to add coming back here every once in a while to see our Special Deals category ;) .

Keep on Rock’n!

Dana Rock

Dana Rock

Owner/Editor of Rock That Mobile - a growing network of blogs about all things mobile.

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Ten Sweet Apps For 10 Cents Each – Google’s 10 Billion Promo At The Android Market

Got a Dollar?

If you have just one dollar, you can get 10 premium apps from the Android Market with Google’s “10 Billion Promo”. 10 Billion Downloads of Android Apps is a huge milestone for the Android Market, and Google wants to celebrate.

!0 Days, 10 new Apps a Day, 10 Cents Each. This means just $10 = 100 premium paid apps on the Android Market.

Each paid premium app is only 10 cents — that’s right — just a dime!

10 Billion Google Promo

From the Official Google Blog

To celebrate this milestone, we partnered with some of the Android developers who contributed to this milestone to make a bunch of great Android apps available at an amazing price. Starting today for the next 10 days, we’ll have a new set of awesome apps available each day for only 10 cents each.

Today, we are starting with Asphalt 6 HDColor & Draw for KidsEndomondo Sports Tracker ProFieldrunners HDGreat Little War GameMinecraftPaper Camera,Sketchbook MobileSoundhound Infinity and SwiftKey X.

10 Billion Promo Graph

Already Own Them From Another Market?

Some of these apps have been offered for free either as one day wonders at Amazon or part of the Gold Getjar promo, which means that you may already own these apps in some form or another.

That is great — BUT — I highly recommend purchasing these apps so that you have them coming from the Android Market where security is a priority and the apps come with updates (and in my personal experience, it seems like developers tend to update their Market apps before the Amazon ones – GetJar does not even get updates).

Get Hooked Up w/ Google’s 10 Billion Promo Now!


Dana Rock

Dana Rock

Owner/Editor of Rock That Mobile - a growing network of blogs about all things mobile.

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Black Friday And Cyber Monday Android App Sales Roundup!

Black Friday brings out the crazy monsters that live inside the minds of creative marketers, and some of them have been caught pulling Black Friday shenanigans all over the Android Marketplace.

Deals are starting to pop up too quick to count, which is why I thought a timely post of a short and sweet dedicated Black Friday list of Apps and Games that are on sale because of Black Friday specifically.

Rock On!

Continue reading “Black Friday And Cyber Monday Android App Sales Roundup!” »

Dana Rock

Dana Rock

Owner/Editor of Rock That Mobile - a growing network of blogs about all things mobile.

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Songbird’s Free Android Media Player App Keeps Rock’n

Songbird Music Player Android App Screenshot PlayerFrom the archives [originally published in April]:

I don’t know about you, but the cute short black birdie with the DJ headphones makes me smile every time.

I am excited that there is a new Android app, which you can get from Songbird or the Android Marketplace.

Songbird has had a desktop client for a some years now that made listening to music on the internet an easier feat.

It was made to look a bit like Itunes and Firefox – sort of like the kid they would have.

As a result, we have this really cute black bird and a super sweet media player.

Right now, it is simple, sleek, and sexy.

Oh, and its completely free!

I’m excited to see where this app goes in the future. I hope to see more music browser functionality like its desktop version in the future.

That will make Android’s songbird truly stand out among the rest of the media players on the market.

Maybe Songbird’s attempt to make a stellar Linux media player that has since been discontinued laid the foundation for this very promising Android app.

What are you waiting for? Check it out!

Songbird Music Player IconSongbird Music Player Android Market QR Code


The best access to your music collection on your Android device.

Songbird for Android is an elegant music player for your mobile devices. Browsing your music collection is easy, and playback controls are always accessible. The unique ‘now playing’ drawer offers quick access to album art and additional details, including Facebook and Flickr integrations.

Key Features:
* Clean and clear interface with unique ‘now playing’ drawer
* Matching widget with album art
* Lock screen widget
* Flickr photo-stream of artist images
* Podcast support
* Facebook ‘Like’ integration
* Playlist creation and editing
* Set track as ringtone
* Headset support (wired and Bluetooth)
* Bluetooth car audio support
* Audioscrobbler support
* Full-featured search
* Super-simple music browse + playback control
* Localized in 26 languages

Songbird Screenshots

Songbird Music Player Android App Screenshot LibrarySongbird Music Player Android App Screenshot Widget

Dana Rock

Dana Rock

Owner/Editor of Rock That Mobile - a growing network of blogs about all things mobile.

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Top 15 Android Market Alternative Appstores For Your LG Optimus V and the Motorola Triumph

Shopping CartIf you own an Android, any Android, you almost certaintly know about the Android Market and the Amazon Appstore. Both of these are now market standards.

What you may not know is that there are A LOT of other alternative appstores lurking around the internet that may be worth checking out — who knows what the future may hold for them and whether they will soon hit the street in a viral frenzy as a contender. We’ve seen this recently with GetJar and their new free premium apps program in GetJar Gold.

So, let’s get right in to it and look at the top 15 Android Market alternatives. In order to qualify as an appstore, the store must allow you to buy directly from them and not just be a service for app discovery like AppBrain, Chomp, or AppAware. App Discovery is a whole other post I will publish someday.

1. Amazon Appstore

Amazon Appstore

If you do not already have the Amazon Appstore downloaded and installed on your Android, you are crazy (or just did not know about it :) ). I have collected hundreds of dollars in paid apps with their “Get a great paid app for free every day” program.

The great thing is that you do not even have to install the apps to “collect” them. All you need to do is have or set up an Amazon account and just push the “get it” button once a day. Chu — ching! Free money!

2. Opera Mobile App Store

Opera Mobile App Store

Oepra Mobile App Store does not have an Android app and it does not even have a desktop friendly version. It is made for phones to browse in a web browser.

The Opera Mobile App Store does not only deal with Android, but it launched this last year mostly to support Java apps in feature phones.

3. GetJar


GetJar has always been a pretty big app market for Java phones, but it has just recently made some significant inroads with Android apps.

“Stealing” some tactics from Amazon, they recently implemented the GetJar Gold program that set up special deals with some choice app developers to offer their premium paid apps for free exclusively on GetJar.

The GetJar Gold apps list grows on a weekly basis rather than a daily basis like the Amazon Appstore. It is worth checking out.

GetJar requires the use of a download helper in the form of an Android app you will have to install. You get the app directly from GetJar and not from the Android Marketplace.

4. used to be the AndAppStore, and they are trying to present the image of a one stop shop. They sell Apps, Games, and Books for Android devices.

5. OnlyAndorid Superstore [Mobihand affiliates] or

Mobihand offers Android sites that receive a lot of traffic to be affiliates. These sites sell Mobihand’s apps on their domain and receive a cut. The two links above are just two examples of many many “stores” out there powered by Mobihand.

6. Handango


Handango — a trade name of PocketGear — is another app market that caters to a variety of operating systems in addition to Android including Blackberry, Windows Phone, Symbian, and Palm.

There is a large selection of apps and games, and Handango runs sales and coupons here and there.

7. InsydeMarket


This is a very small market – featuring less than 300 apps, but it has been around for a while. Its worth playing around with just to say you’ve done it.

8. Appoke


I really like Appoke – it is a social experience. It is social like AppBrain is social with the basic profile, friend following, and easy voting.

Appoke has an Android app for their market of close to 4,000 apps.

9. SlideME


One of the larger Android alternative markets with more than 6,000 apps and games. It has a dedicated Android app for access to their market.

10. YAAM Market

YAAM Market -aka “Yet Another Android Market”

Its small, but it is for sure “another Android Market”.

11. AndAppOnline


Desktop access focused with no more than 500 apps. You download the APKs in the browser whether on your desktop or on your phone. No account or special app is required for the AndAppOnline.

12. ESDN

ESDN – Desktop or ESDN – Mobile

Growing app store with just under 700 apps at the time of this posting for Android. ESDN offers paid and free apps with PayPal purchase options.

ESDN appears to be actively recruiting developers to list their app by offering free registrations and listing. May be one to watch.

13. Aproov


Easy to use web app interface – totally worth a look. I’m not convinced there is a lot of growth potential, but who knows.

14. Mobango


Under 900 apps and 500 games for Android. You can also browse graphics, videos, and set up a social profile in their “community”. The main focus of Mobango is user interaction and much of the content is shared by the community.

With MOBANGO, you have immediate access to thousands of personal files provided by MOBANGO users, across the World. You can publish, convert, and share Personal Content of all types for your cell phone – Videos, Photos, Ringtones, Applications, Games.

15. Handster


Looks pretty legit. There are sales on apps and special prices if you buy from your phone as opposed to on the desktop.

They have a “lowest price guarantee” and “100% money back guarantee”. The refund period is a whopping 30 days from the time of purchase. The price match feature is equally as “woah” with a 30 day window to find a lower price on any app store in English. If you find a lower price, they will refund 110% of your purchase.

I wonder how long Handster can maintain these guarantee/price match periods if they ever go mainstream….

There you Have It!

Well, that list should keep you busy for a while ;) . Enjoy!

Please leave comments on your thoughts about any of these markets and any other markets you love that I missed.

Rock That!

[originally published on Rock That LG Optimus V & Rock That Moto T]

Dana Rock

Dana Rock

Owner/Editor of Rock That Mobile - a growing network of blogs about all things mobile.

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