Humble Indie Android Bundle 3 Ready Now!

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Your Money Supporting Real Developers and Charities

If you have not tried the Humble Indie Bundle before, now is a good time.

This is the third Android compatible bundle offered by the Humble Indie Bundle folks.

Minimum to unlock the primary four games is just ONE buck! That’s it!

You can bid less than one dollar, but then you will not recieve STEAM UNLOCK keys – Yah, you heard right!

These will play on your PC, MAC, or Linux box too! Talk about cross compatibility!

Humble Indie Bundle Android Version 3

For ONE buck you get:

  • Field Runners
  • Bit-Trip Beat
  • SpaceChem
  • Uplink

If you pay more than the average, you will unlock an extra game – Spirits.

Humble Indie Bundle for Android Games

Official YouTube Video

Official Humble Indie Bundle Lowdown

Five amazing games for your mobile delight. We’re bringing you a mountain of entertainment for your Android devices. Pay-what-you-want to get BIT.TRIP BEAT, Fieldrunners, SpaceChem, and Uplink!

And if you beat the average price, you also get the beautiful platform-puzzler Spirits! Please note that Uplink and SpaceChem require tablets if you are playing the Android version.

Love your desktop? So do we. Buying the Humble Bundle for Android 3 also gets you the games on Windows, Mac, and Linux! For your listening pleasure, each game also comes with an official soundtrack.

Pay what you want. On their own, these fantastic games and their soundtracks would cost to the tune of $52, but we’re letting you name your price!  The games work great on Android, Windows, Mac, and Linux (system requirements here).

Note that this is the initial release for many of the Android and Linux versions of the games. Please be patient while the developers fix any 1.0 bugs as quickly as they can, and don’t hesitate to contact us if you run into any issues.

Support vital charities. You get to decide how your purchase is divided: between the developers, the Child’s Play Charity, or the Electronic Frontier Foundation. And, if you choose, a Humble tip for putting this promotion together is much appreciated!

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