How to Get Warranty Service for Your Broken LG Optimus V

Virgin Mobile Rocks At Warranty Service!


All Virgin Mobile phones come with a one year manufacturers warranty for hardware related problems. This is one area that Virgin Mobile particularly excels at handling, as they will handle the warranty service themselves so that you, the customer, never has to talk to the manufacturer at all.

I have had several phones replaced (often sent two-day FedEX) using the following method:

Rule Out The Software!

  • I realize first that the hardware is malfunctioning (touch screen not working, sdcard slot not reading right, speaker phone, or whatever).
    • I will first try restarting the phone and check to see if it is working properly now.
    • If that does not work, then I try pulling the battery and check to see if it is working.
    • As a last resort, I try resetting the phone to factory defaults (remember this will erase all of your data, so if you can, back it up first).

Rule Out You “At Fault”

  • I do a self check on myself and my phone, thinking “have I dropped this or got it wet?”. If I can answer no to both of these , then I proceed to the next step.
  • If I answered yes to either dropping it or immersing it in water (especially this one), then you will have limited success getting warranty service from Virgin Mobile.

Contact Virgin Mobile

  • I will EMAIL Virgin Mobile using their “Contact Us”form because calling them is like pulling teeth and email is much faster. I will say the following in my email:
    • I am having a hardware problem with my [insert phone here].
    • The [insert hardware problem here] is not working.
    • When I do [insert action that should work], the phone [insert what the phone does in response to the action]. (for example, “when I touch the screen, it does not respond”)
    • I have tried restarting my phone, pulling the battery and restarting, and I have tried resetting my phone to factory defaults.
    • The problem remains the same despite these actions.
    • I understand that I have a one year manufacturer’s warranty on this phone’s hardware, and I would like warranty service on my phone.
    • Please ship the replacement to [insert mailing address here - If you leave it out, they will ask for it in another email and it is quicker to just give it to them up front].
    • Thank you for your quick attention to this matter — You are much appreciated!
    • Sincerely,  [insert your name here]

What Will Happen After?

Using this method, I have always had a response within 24 hours, and a new replacement phone shipped to me within three days from the time of my email. I have been through this process several times.

The phone they will ship will only be the part of the phone that has failed – for example, if your screen failed, then they will send you the front part of the phone but not the back cover, battery, microSD card, or cords.

You will be required to send back the part of the phone that was replaced in a postage paid pouch within 14 days. It can be dropped in any mail slot – very easy!

A few more quick tips that are SUPER IMPORTANT!

  • If you need to continue to talk to the person responding to the email, just hit reply. Do not go back to the Virgin Mobile contact form and start over from there. Virgin Mobile runs on a support ticket method, so a reply will keep everyone on the same page.
  • DO NOT switch phones while waiting for your new one to arrive. If you have an old LG Rumor Touch or whatever lying around from Virgin Mobile and think (as I did once – this is personal experience talking) “I could just switch so I have a phone for a few days”, do not do it. You MUST have the phone you are replacing active on the account for them to process the replacement phone.
  • Make sure you reset the phone to factory defaults if you have used it at all since trying that during the troubleshooting phase so that none of your private data gets sent back to factory.
  • DO NOT FORGET to take out your microSD card in your broken phone so that you can put it in the new one. It is easy to forget that and just stick the phone in the send back envelope and –whoosh, all that data gone forever [another reason you should back up your sdcard on a regular basis if you have a computer].
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