Fix Previously Activated LG Optimus V Phone Swap Problems Without Calling Virgin Mobile

First Aid BoxI just got done switching back to my LG Optimus V, but no matter what I did, it would not connect to their network. We know whether or not it is connecting by the presence of the “1x” sign up where “3G” usually is when in the activation program. The key to using any info in this post is that the phone was previously activated in my name and had not been completely reset. If this is the case, this process may work for you.

I usually try to never call Virgin Mobile because it is usually one of the most unplesant experiences of my week whenever I do, but today I actually had an extremely good experience and was walked through a troubleshooting program that I am now going to share with you. I do not promise results in your specific case, but it is an official troubleshoot program used by the Virgin Mobile At Your Service folks for this issue.

The Troubleshooting Process

Virgin Mobile Service Mode

1. Go to dial a number and type ##VIRGIN# – you will come to a screen with four choices: Activate Phone, View, Edit, Done.

2. Select View and write down those numbers and press OK.

3. Go to Edit, and delete the numbers for the MDN and MSID and replace both with ten “1”s -aka “1111111111”.

4. Press Done, and your phone will restart on its own.

5. Once the phone is powered on again, dial ##VIRGIN# again and select Edit.

6. Delete the ten number ones and re-enter the numbers you wrote down in step 2.

7. Press Done and your phone will restart again.

8. At this time, you should be able to use the “Activate” program successfully and see your phone connecting to the “1x”.

This was the process the Virgin Mobile tech walked me through, and it worked for me. Try it, and let us know if it also worked for you.

You will have to re-authenticate Gmail passwords after doing this.

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