Top 3 Free Apps To Get Your Music Rocking on The LG Optimus V

To continue our series of “now what” for our LG Optimus V newbies, lets look at three great apps that all do the job of getting your music to play on your phone. If you are the podcast kind of person, stay tuned for an article on my recommendations for podcatchers in the near future. All apps mentioned in this article will be free, since the last thing I wanted to do after buying my phone was shell out more money, I am going to pretend that you are like me in this case (and you just might be, ;) )

When it comes to music players, people’s tastes vary widely, which means that you should just try them all and then go with whatever feels right. There are many paid players out there too, and I suggest holding off on those until you have given the free ones a chance. Paid does not always mean better — do not learn that the hard way!

There are two ways to get music from your computer to your phone – through the USB cable and through Wireless Sync. The first is super easy – bam, plug it in, press the turn USB mode on button on the phone, and then open ‘My Computer’ and click on the removable drive that should now be there or wait for the autoplay window to pop up asking “What do you want to do with this device you just plugged in?”. Not all computers have autoplay enabledĀ for security reasons — so if that window does not show up, it does not mean that the phone is not connected. Chill…

Here we go with the app list:

1. AmazonMP3 – I know this was in my starter app list, but it has to be in this one too BECAUSE it will play the music that is on your phone and sync your entire library up to 20GB (as long as you purchase just one mp3 album -even the $0.99 ones) as well as playlists, and it just works great. I am so impressed with it as a local music player, a cloud music player, and as a music store (lots of free songs/albums too). Only the music you upload from your computers counts against your 20GB, as anything you buy or get for free from Amazon never counts towards your total. It just kicks ass – that’s all there is to it!





2. ISyncr Lite for PC/MAC - I got the pro version of this on one of Amazon’s free paid app days, and I was really impressed how easy it was to set up and use. This app will give you another small program to download on your PC. You then set it up to work how you want and let it and Itunes and your phone go at it. There is a $1 wireless add-on, and the pro version cost $3. I would recommend this as a paid option if you end up hating all others.

3. Winamp – Unlike Doubletwist (which you will note did not make this list), Winamp is free and does a better job of wireless sync to your playlists and music. You have to use the Winamp media player, but if you are used to another player, it can import most everything quite well.


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