LG Optimus V vs The Motorola Triumph – The Break Down

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20 Essential Points of Comparison

As promised, here is a run down of 20 essential points of comparison between the LG Optimus V and the Motorola Triumph.

We will leave the Samsung Intercept (Virgin Mobile’s first Android phone) out of the mix because it is just not a great competitor with the LG Optimus V and the Motorola Triumph.

The Showdown Chart of Virgin Mobile’s LG Optimus V vs The Motorola Triumph

While creating this chart, I noticed a few items of particular interest:

  • The Motorola Triumph actually has a less powerful battery, which may be the result of the fact that the LG Optimus V is actually .11 thicker than the Motorola Triumph. This makes be a tad skeptical about whether or not the battery life of the Motorola Triumph will be up large enough to handle its powerful features without draining it in an hour.
  • The Motorola Triumph has added “N” compatibility to its wireless adapter, which is excellent and means that it may be able to take advantage of some faster wireless networks.
  • The Motorola Triumph has 2mp more in its read camera than the LG Optimus V, topping out at a respectable 5mp.
  • The processor has more a higher capacity in the Motorola Triumph versus the LG Optimus V
  • Screen side (measured diagonally) is a whole 1.1 inches larger in the Motorola Triumph versus the LG Optimus V.
  • The internal storage, as measured by my Superbox app on the LG Optimus V is 179MB (actual internal storage is larger but is not available for storing apps, app data, or app cache). This is MUCH smaller than the Motorola Triumph’s 2GB internal storage (which in actual available app space will be a bit smaller). In other words, the Motorola Triumph may have nearly 10x the amount of internal storage space for apps, games, etc. You will have to try to run out of room on the Triumph.
  • Other notable differences include the fact that th Motorola Triumph will be Adobe Flash enabled and will have HDMI output, as well as be able to take video in 720p.

Which One Should You Buy?

As I stated previously in my other post What’s the Deal With the Motorola Triumph, I recommend that the average user buys the LG Optimus V.

The LG Optimus V is solid, stable, durable, and VERY inexpensive. The price of the LG Optimus V has fluctuated often from the sale price of $150 to the retail price of $200, but there are even better deals out there like the one at Amazon right now for $129.99 with free shipping. Insane!

LG Optimus V – $129.99 Shipped at Amazon

If you compare these prices with other retailers for similar phones, we see that Virgin Mobile rocks the house on their pricing model.

Wirefly quotes the ‘LG Optimus S’ (Sprint’s verson of this same phone) at $329.99 without a contract, which means Virgin Mobile’s pricing on the LG Optimus V is a steal for a no contract phone that has all the same specs as its brother and sister phones on different networks.

The Motorola Triumph looks like it will be an excellent phone, but unless you are a true power user or business man/woman, I would go with the LG Optimus V.

Presently, Best Buy is taking orders for the Motorola Triumph at a $299.99 price point. This too is an excellent price, as similar phones go for around $550 off contract.

You got the facts – now you can make an informed decision on which one you will buy.

Hit me up in the comments for any additional comparison questions, and we will do our best to get back to you!

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