What Are the 21 Best LG Optimus V Apps to Download First?

21 Free Starter apps I recommend and Use Myself

Online Exclusive! Save $50 on the Latest DROID DevWhen we first get a phone, it is hard to decide what to download first because we have no idea which app is best. this is especially true on the Android Market because there are tons and tons of apps that are free and all do similar things.

For this Newbie FAQ article, I’ve put together a list of 21 apps that I use regularly and always download first. They all come highly recommended. There are many more that I download in addition to these, but 20 seems like a good starting number. Perhaps I’ll publish another starter apps list in the near future.

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1. Lookout Mobile Security (antivirus and backup solution)

Great security client that features antivirus scanning, backup, remote locator, and other features that will make you feel a little more secure while using your Android.

Lookout Mobile Security IconLookout Mobile Security QR Code

2. ChompSMS 

Great messaging client that uses bubbles, lots of features (but not too many), automatic integration with the contact manager (the built in client does not do this – you actually have to remember the start of someone’s number -seriously who does that!). I love it – I’ve tried others, but ChompSMS is by far my favorite, and I always come back to it.

ChompSMS IconChomp SMS QR Code


3. AmazonMP3

You can get up to 20GB free cloud storage if you buy just one album (even the $0.99 ones) from Amazon for one year – also a great local music player as well). AmazonMP3 allows easy access to the “Free MP3 of the Day” and well, it just rocks. You can download your music you purchase or upload from PC to your device for local playing as many times as you want – I like this sort of freedom. Go Amazon!

Amazon MP3 IconAmazon MP3 QR Code

4. Watchdog Task Manager lite (task watcher – not killer) 

Watchdog will keep your apps in check by telling you if one of them “goes rogue” and starts sucking all the CPU. You can set different levels of CPU thresholds alarms, whitelist good apps, and enable various notification settings. It is way better than just using a task killer because Android is Linux and not Windows, and the way Linux approaches running programs is much much different than Windows.

Watchdog Task Manager LiteWatchdog Task Manager Lite

5. SuperBox (for hotspot access, Apps to SD manager, Cache Cleaner) 

Superbox is absolutely essential. It is the app you will use to get hotspot access, clean your cache, move apps to SD, check your battery life, check your memory, clear your history, manage files, monitor security, and on and on and on. It is like a Swiss Army Knife (as they claim on their market page)!


6. Bluetooth File Transfer (file manager and best Bluetooth access) 

Bluetooth File Transfer is my favorite Bluetooth manager, but it is also a killer file manager for the LG Optimus V. It is like the other popular file managers like the Astro line, but it also manages Bluetooth flawlessly. I was first introduced to this app with the LG Rumor Touch, and it was incredible in java app form for that phone. It is even better for the Android.

Bluetooth File Transfer IconBluetooth File Transfer QRCode

7. Dropbox (storage and easy file transfer)

I use Dropbox instead of Bluetooth or Wi-Fi Sync on most occassions when wanting to transfer a picture of a file from the LG Optimus V to my PC. It is SO much faster taking just seconds with no connecting, setup, or adapters to mess with.

Not a Dropbox member yet? Sign up here for free 2GB and free PC software.

DropboxDropbox QR Code

8. Facebook

I mean, what can I say about Facebook? It is just a must for most people these days, and having the actual application on the phone makes it super easy to upload pictures and video.


9. AppBrain (alternative browser for the Android Market)

AppBrain is the best alternative browser for the Android Market out there. It was one of the first to take the bull by the horns before the Android Market got its act together and started looking and working like a modern website (we are still in “just months ago” land here).

Because AppBrain rocked the house at making the Android Market usable, it has a fairly large following even today. I would argue that it is still the best Android Market browser out there even with all the improvements Google has made to the official Android Market website in the last few months.

AppBrain App Market IconAppBrain App Market QRCode
10. Opera Mini (I like this because of the sync ability Opera has)

Opera Mini is an excellent web browser and sports a handy “Opera Link” feature that is similar to Chrome and Firefox’s sync features. It keeps your bookmarks from all of your browsers, start menus, and more in sync with each other. This is extremely handy if you have tons of bookmarks that you do not want to recreate each time you get a new phone or have to reset it.

Opera Mini IconOpera Mini QR Code
11. Dolphin HD (best html5 compliant browser)

Dolphin HD is the straight up best browser for modern web content like html5. Other browsers like Opera and even the Firefox Android app that we all want to try (but can’t) do not render the html5 content nearly as well. In addition to the high quality of rendering websites, Dolphin HD also has numerous plugins to print to PDF, tweet form any page, integrate the browser with Last.fm, view PDFs in browser, and a few dozen more. You can theme it also. It is truely a modern browser smooshed in to an Android sized app. Compared to its competitors like Opera Mobile (not Mini) and Firefox Android, it is about 1/4th the size with better results. This is good news for us space limited LG Optimus V folks.

Dolphin HD IconDolphin HD QRCode

12. Zedge (ringtones, wallpapers, and sms tones)

Zedge is my favorite ringtone and wallpaper finder app. The app has grown a lot in the last year, and it continues to see regular support from its developer and many regular improvements. You can use the app with or without an account – an account is only used to track favorites really, and to access the additional website features from a browser.  And to top it all off, just look at the slick purple icon….whooo weeee ;)

Zedge IconZedge Icon QRCode

13. Ringo Lite (ringtone assignment to individual contacts manager)

Ringo lite is the answer to the question “how do I give Frank his own ringtone and Jessie his?”. You can specify contact level ringtones, notification tones, etc. If is important that any app you have installed prior to Ringo Lite have its notifications set to “silent” or you will end up with dueling tones. Its interesting the combinations that come up……

Ringo Lite IconRingo Lite Icon QRCode

14. Zeam (fast, sleek, and stable home theme)

Zeam just works. I go back and forth between Zeam and Go Launcher EX because both are just fabulous, stable, and I never have to worry that my next “improvement” might topple the whole house of cards. Some of the other themes out there can’t really say the same thing.  Think minimalism with strong functionality.

 15. Home Switcher for Froyo (enables easy switching between home themes)

Home Switcher makes playing with multiple home replacements much easier because you just move the default button to the one you want to play with at the moment and then move it again to the next one you want to play with later.

There are a few exciting new developments in some themes recently where they are able to copy each other’s desktop to themselves. Cross Theme compatibility. The Home Switcher may become increasingly neccessary if the developers continue to take the home theme ideas towards working them together.

16. DefaultApp Reset (trust me, you will want it someday)

This makes setting undoing a “use as default” action easy by grouping all the programs you have set defaults for in one place so that you can easily see your options.

17. TuneIn Radio (awesome local and national radio app)

If you like radio, local radio, talk shows, podcast, then this is the app for you. It does an amazing job at streaming all of this content straight to your phone. It especially excels on the local radio front.

18. Angry Birds (you just have to cause you can!) 

What can I say about Angry Birds other than that you need to be able to say that you went there, climbed the mountain, and survived. Angry Birds is a piece of culture now – just jump in and enjoy it.

19. Ringdroid (great make your own ringtones app)

Ringdroid makes creating your own ringtone pretty fun. You can take any song, saying, sound and chop the crud out of it until it sounds right. Then you save that chunk and then use it as a ringtone, a notifications, etc.

20. QuickPic

Over time switching to your pictures after taking them gets REALLY slow – This makes it fast.

21. QRDroid

QR Droid is the best QR code manager out there bar none. There is no contest! Nearly every option you could think of to either read or create QR codes is right in this free app. I would honestly pay $5 for this app if it cost money, but it doesn’t – and all the people said “hell yah!”!

QR DroidQR Droid

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