Did you know we have a mobile interface at Rock That LG Optimus V?

If you visit Rock That LG Optimus V on your mobile device,

whether that is an Android LG Optimus V or another smartphone device, you will likely see our new mobile interface. This is exciting and easy to navigate in any browser – I’ve had the exact same experience in Opera Mini, Dolphin Browser HD, and in the default Android Browser.

The theme is WPTouch,

which is an awesome interface for touch users. You can check out all of the categories and tags, as well as pages from the top right drop down menu. Using this drop down menu, we really save a lot of space and clean up the user interface area.

I am having a bit of trouble with being able to turn the mobile version back on after turning it off, which is an option at the bottom of the mobile interface. I have yet to successfully return it to a mobile interface once turned off. This is perhaps where the paid version of this mobile theme would come in handy.

As we grow this website as a community,

I may upgrade. Lets try it out, and please let me know if you successfully switch back and forth. Let me know what browser you used and a few more specific details.

Please bookmark “lgoptimusv.info” on your browsers inside your LG Optimus V,

and check us out on a regular basis. You can also subscribe to our feed in your browser as well!

Rock on Readers!

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